different ways to greive

grieving isn't  easy. i now i have had a hard time myself. i found out about sally the day beforemy daughter birthday. i didn't want to scare her so i held it in. im not very good about talking about greif so i just ended up crying at random moments and  feelign very crazy. i found a few things that helped me that may help you. stascha suggested writing a letter to sally and burning it , you can yell off a cliff or off the top of your house ,  i talked to sally  by myself, i liek to imagine where sally is now riding trains in some big rock candy mountian. another thing you can try are crying,screming etc. . .circles of friends.i dotn know if nay of this will help. i hope everyone is doing ok and taking care fo themselves.

i've had trouble finding grief resources that aren't religious, or oober psychology.. please share your own thoughts, experiences, or resources. 


My mom (Sali's mom) sent me this email yesterday and I love this dedication to my sister.  I had a piece of advice given to me by my acupuncturist that in a situation like this your heart can either shatter and close or it can break wide open and fill.  I've been trying to give myself the space to feel any emotion at any time and just roll with it.  My heart aches but it also feels soft because it's receiving so much love from all across the world right now.  Keep your physical body in motion because in order to cope your grief will inevitably lodge somewhere.  Talk to Sal.  Climb a mountain.  Rest.  Hug.  Take in beauty.  Call your mom.  Open.  And just ride the wave.  Love to all of you guys, Erin